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M&D Dance Academy

M&D Dance Academy has been the leading dance academy since 2017. Our staff is professional and dedicated, we offer a range of Folkloric and Classic styles of dance such as Marinera Norteña, Marinera Limeña, Tondero, Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary, and Hip Hop.

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M&D Dance Academy ha sido la única academia de danza de marinera del Perú desde 2017. Un ambiente amistoso e impulsado que ofrece estilos folclóricos y clásicos de danza como: Marinera Norteña, Marinera Limeña, Tondero, Ballet, Jazz, Lírica / Contemporánea y Hip Hop.

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About Us

M&D comenzó con un sueño de mamá e hija, este sueño se hizo realidad el 19 de mayo 2017. Teniendo conocimientos de danza nosotras con estudios realizados desde el año 1992 y 2003 bríndamos danzas folklóricas y classicas incluyendo: Marinera Norteña, Marinera Limeña, Tondero, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, y Lyrical/Contemporary.

M&D started with a mother daughter dream, we began turning our dream into a reality on May 19th 2017 and we have been working hard to achieve our goals ever since. Both mother and daughter have a wide knowledge about dance and have both studied and perfected their craft since 1992 and 2003.
We provide dance classes in 2 different categories: Folkoric dances and Classic Dances. Within these many dance styles are offered such as: Marinera Norteña, Marinera Limeña, Tondero, Ballet, Contemporary/Lyrical, Jazz, and Hip Hop.


Eventos a venir / Upcoming Events

Nuestros logros y eventos en los cuales hemos podido participar. Igualmente aquí podrás encontrar los eventos que participáremos.

Our achievements and events to come, along with others that we have been fortunate to participate in.


Izamiento de la bandera peruana en Calgary 2018

July 28th 2018

La Bandera Peruana se izó por primera vez en Calgary 2018, M&D Dance Academy participó presentando la danza national del peru La Marinera Norteña.

The Peruvian flag was raised for the first time in Calgary 2018, M&D presented the national dance of Peru Marinera Norteña.

Fiestas patrias 2018

July 28th 2018

Celebraciónes de fiestas patrias 2018 en Dover Community Hall.

Peruvian Indepence day celebrations 2018 at Dover Community Hall.

M&D Dance Academy “Night of Princesses”

May 19th 2018

el evento de M&D Dance Academy “Noche de Princesas” se realizó para poder celebrar la academia y poder dar a conocer la academia al público.

The M&D Dance Academy event “Night of Princesses” where the public got to know our dance academy aswell as our achievements.

Folklor Fest 2018

October 13th 2018

Folklor Fest es un evento que celebra la cultura Latina, en este evento M&D Dance Academy represento a Perú bailando una Marinera Norteña. 

Folklore Fest is an event that celebrates Latin culture and heritage, at this event M&D Dance Academy had the honour of representing Peru by dancing Marinera Norteña. 

Evento "Señor De Los Milagros"

October 20th 2018

La academia M&D participo en el evento/misa "Homenaje al Señor de los milagros" en la iglesia Holy Spirit. 

M&D Dance Academy was able to participate in an event/ church service at Holy Spirit Church. 

"Fiesta Criolla" Con Sabor a Perú

October 27th 2018

En homenaje al Día De La Cancion Criolla, la academia M&D participo bailando Marinera Norteña y disfrutando de la gastronomia Peruana. 

M&D Dance Academy was fortunate to participate in the Buffet: Fiesta Criolla and as the name states, it was a real party! Filled with: food, music, and traditional Peruvian dances.

M&D Dance Academy

“Nuestra academia está dedicada a elevar la próxima generación de bailarines, con profesionalismo.”

"Our Dance Academy is dedicated to elevating the next generation of dancers with professionalism" 

Conoce a nuestras dueñas con este video.

Get to know our owners with this video.


Marissa La Noire
Profesora de Danzas Folkloricas
Folkloric Dance teacher

Desiree La Noire
Profesora de Danzas Classicas
Dance teacher for Classical Dances


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1991 Woodview Dr SW
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